Learning mentor projects

Respect Project

To help raise awareness around the Anti-Bullying Week, the Learning Mentors worked with 3  children from every class throughout the school on the Respect Project.

Mrs Jassi and Ms Slater worked with children from Key Stage 1 to design and make ‘Respect’ bracelets and bags.  The children were provided with bracelet making equipment, bags, fabric pens and supported with their designs.

Mr Iqbal and Mr Singh worked with children from Key Stage 2 to design and make ‘Respect’ PE bags.  Children designed their posters on laptops, using various images and quotes.   These posters were then printed and ironed onto high visibility PE bags.  A display was in place along the Year 5 corridor, allowing all the children in the school to see bullying is not tolerated and we should all show ‘Respect.’

Teachers throughout the school held SEAL sessions to provide further knowledge, understanding and awareness for the children in their classes.

Respect brochure