News from year 4

The teachers in year 4 are: 4O: Mrs A Naz, 4H: Ms S Bibi, 4V: Ms S Saleem: Mrs E Harland

Our topic this term is A Polar Adventure

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In year 4, we have been learning about the ruthless Romans. We have been on an exciting trip to the Royal Armories in Leeds where we got to handle Roman artifacts, dress up as Roman soldiers, listen to the harrowing story of Queen Boudicca told by one of her loyal Iceni tribesmen and even try out for a job in the Roman Legion with a terrifying general watching our every move! We learnt some Celtic and Latin words too. We had a fantastic time!

Year 4 went on an amazing trip to The Deep in Hull! Whilst we were there, we became penguin detectives and investigated which penguin species were endangered. We also researched the factors that were harming penguin populations across the southern hemisphere

In year 4, we have been learning about the Romans. We created projects in school and at home for our homework. We made Roman forts and information booklets! In addition to this, we have also been to the Royal Armouries and we dressed up as Roman soldiers, we also got to hold their weapons and try on their amour.