Respect Week

W/C 13th  November 20 17 Lapage Primary pupils will take part in Respect week. This event is co-ordinated by the learning mentors and involves pupils working together to show how they can be more respectful towards each other.

Each class will be given a pack for each pupil containing activities and information about anti-bullying/respect week.

Nursery, Reception,YR1, YR2 and YR3 Pupils to design a superhero mask with anti-bullying theme. Using words such as:

 Be respectful    Be Kind      Be a friendly    Be polite

They will also complete a word search on this theme.

Two well designed masks will then be chosen by each class teacher (two per class – boy and girl). These pupils will recieve a Respect week wristband in the HT assembly for their key stage.

YR4, YR5 and YR6

Pupils to work in groups using the respect week comic strip to draw and write about about issues around bullying and respect week. The comic strip will help pupils talk about how they feel.

Groups of 3-4 pupils to chose a scenario:

Cyber-bullying                  x2 groups

Social bullying                 x2 groups

Name calling                   x2 groups

Physical bullying             x2 groups

To plan a comic strip from the chosen scenario (resources given) and to perform the planned comic strip in class. Teachers to pick a group from class  that has performed well (Teachers please make sure that you record the name of pupils). A reflective respect week slap band will be given to the groups in assembly.

Year group leader to pick out 1 performance per year group. Chosen groups will perform these scenarios in the HT’s assembly.