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This year, Year 4 have been taking part in a ‘Linking Schools’ project with a school in Finland. As part of this project, children and teachers in both schools will be creating presentations about themselves, their school and where they live.

The overarching aims of our linking schools project with Finland are:

  • To develop and deepen children’s knowledge and understanding of identity, diversity, equality and community.
  • To provide opportunities for children and young people to meet, build relationships, work together and contribute to the wider community.

Nummi Unified School Village Road 24 13500 in Hämeenlinna

Information about Nummen yhtenäiskoulu 

Pupils and teachers:
There are 970 pupils in total, aged 7-16 and 70 teachers.  The school has a Prinicpal and a Vice Principal. 

Classes include twenty-four groups of primary school children and eighteen groups of secondary school children.  The secondary school also includes three groups of special needs children. 

School building:
The school building is ‘open’ which means two classes studying in the same area and two teachers working together with two groups. In primary school there are approximately 50 pupils working with two teachers and in secondary school, there are approximately 36 pupils with two teachers. 

Subjects taught at the school include Finnish, English, Swedish (German/French as optional languages), Maths, Science, Arts, Crafts, PE, Religion, History, Music and Cooking (secondary school). 

After school clubs:
After School Clubs vary a lot: teachers are allowed to organise clubs for the children, but as the school is in the middle of big changes this year (primary school and secondary school merging together) there are only a few clubs currently which are:  MineCraft-club, Crafts-club and Green Environment Club. 

Children’s Work

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