May 2022 marked Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year was Loneliness. We took part in the ‘Wear it Green’ Day on 13th May 2022 and discussed how we could overcome loneliness and support one another during difficult times. On Friday 20th May 2022, the whole school take part in live Webinars delivered by MyMUP which tackled different areas of Mental Health.

Year 1 drew some pictures and wrote about the times they showed they were resilient.

After learning the story of Royal Knights and attending the webinar, children in Year 2 wrote their responses to show what they have learnt from the story – being resilient, not giving up, keep on trying and talk to someone when worried. We hope you’ll enjoy reading them?

Year 4 students had some quotes to share after today’s webinar and they drew pictures of what makes them special:
“I am special because I am a good friend” — Minahil
“I am kind, caring and friendly that’s what makes me special.” — Amelia
“I am funny and tell jokes.” — Yayha

Year 5 spent some  time outdoors. The focus was forgiveness and the children wrote confessions. We burnt these confessions today, freeing our minds of the worries, and then enjoyed some toasted marshmallows!

Year 6 talked about things that they love doing and people who they can trust. They discussed why it was important to share their problems with a trusted adult. In the afternoon the had a webinar and talked about feelings around transition to secondary school and the support to help them move on to their next chapter in their life.