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Welcome to Reception at Lapage

We are excited to welcome you to Reception.


Our class teachers:


RB – Mrs Shah

RC – Mr Ali

RE – Mrs Bains and Mrs Obeidi (Friday’s)


Our support assistants are Miss Bi, Miss Akhtar, Miss Akhlaq, Mrs Nisa, Mrs Parveen and Miss Khan.



Can we please ask that all children have a book bag, these will be used to bring home reading books, reading records, homework tasks and letters. Please check your child’s book bag daily.


Your child will also need named water bottle in school everyday. Fresh fruit and milk is available at snack time.


Please make sure all of your child’s clothing, including their coat, is clearly named.




Autumn term.


The children are now all settled into their new classes and busy exploring the learning environment, indoors and outdoors.


We have been learning phonics using the Ruth Miskin scheme. Follow this link to watch a video on how to pronounce the sounds.




Week 3 and 4 – Something strange has been happening in our classrooms! On Monday we found porridge sprinkled all over the classrooms with secret messages written everywhere. On Tuesday all our chairs and disappeared and where nowhere to be found! On Wednesday 3 different sized bowls appeared…..We are busy trying to work out what is happening. Come back soon to find out if we managed to solve the mystery!


Meet the Team

Reception Belfast

  • Mrs S Shah
    Class Teacher

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    Mrs S Shah

    Mrs S Shah

    Class Teacher

    Hello my name is Mrs Shah and I currently teach in year 1. I have worked at Lapage for several years, mainly in Reception. I am currently a part of leading Science at Lapage Primary school. I love seeing children learn through practical activities, feeding on their curiosity and encouraging them to become independent learners. Out of school I enjoy traveling, retail therapy and spending quality time with family and close friends.

  • Miss A Bi
    Early Years Practitioner

    Miss A Bi

    Miss A Bi

    Early Years Practitioner

  • Miss M Akhtar
    Support Assistant

    Miss M Akhtar

    Miss M Akhtar

    Support Assistant


Reception Cardiff

Reception Edinburgh

What's New in EYFS?

Reception children had a parental involvement day this week where they shared what they had been learning about sea creatures. They also came in dressed up as sea animals or bright colours to represent The Rainbow Fish. Which animal would you dress up as?

June 2023





Reception children have explored making tea using their new teapot and went on to write instructions on how to make a delicious cup of tea. They had the opportunity to eat some of the herbs that they have grown and even got to make their own chutney using the pestle and mortar. With the weather warming up they can’t get enough of working together and playing outside!

May 2023





Reception children have had lots of fun exploring indoor and outdoors. To celebrate Mental Health Awareness week they made their own worry dolls. They have also enjoyed putting together their very own Herb Garden and cannot wait to see all their plants grow.

May 2023






As part of their learning around dinosaurs Reception children had an archaeologist day. They made dinosaur biscuits and had their polaroid photos taken in ‘Jurassic Park’. Parents/carers were also invited and enjoyed making their very own mod rock dinosaurs!

May 2023








Reception children got into the spirit of the coronation by taking part in lots of royal activities. They also decorated their classes by making paper chains displaying the Union Jack.

May 2023



Reception children have had lots of fun creating their own stories using the small world trays. They worked together to come up with their wonderful stories which included a construction site taken over by dinosaurs and Pingu the Penguin being taught how to swim by polar bears. The children have also had lots of fun making their very own dinosaur fossils. 

April 2023










Reception children have had a busy couple of weeks at the end of this half term. As part of their topic on ‘Journeys’ they had a simulation day of what it would be like in an airport. They were allowed to bring a special cuddly toy from home as part of their baggage allowance, had their own passports and were even checked by security!

This week they made their own volcanoes using baking soda and vinegar and watched as they erupted! The children were fascinated with how volcanoes are formed and through their research found that there are no active volcanoes in England but there are two in Italy!

March 2023






Reception children had lots of fun watering the plants and even planted some seeds; we are very excited to see them grow. Musa had lots of fun in the construction area making his very own xylophone and putting on a show for all of RB. As part of our active citizenship task, we are looking after our environment by picking up all the litter we could see and placing it into the bin.

March 2023










Reception children were lucky enough to attend a Sublime Science workshop this week where they had lots of fun learning about different scientific concepts. They saw balls levitating in the air and even had a chance to make their own slime!

March 2023

What a busy week it has been for Reception! The children have had lots of fun exploring the potion station outdoors making their very own potions using flowers and different materials. They used the construction blocks to build their own car and take it on a virtual test drive! They also celebrated International Women’s Day with a visit from 2 PCSOs and even got to dress up! Last week firefighters, this week police officers – some real inspiration for our young children as they grow older.

March 2023






Reception have had a very busy week with another trip to Whistlestop Valley, World Book Day and to make it even more exciting they had a visit from our local fire station. We would like thank them for coming around and seeing us; it was lots of fun seeing Kingsley dress up in his uniform in under 40 seconds – we predicted it would take him 10 minutes!

March 2023








RC had a lovely time visiting Whistlestop Valley where they learnt all about steam engines and had an amazing experience travelling on one too. They had so much fun they didn’t want to go back!

February 2023

Reception children had a strange week starting back at school when they realised their outdoor playhut had mysteriously changed into a sweet house. I wonder what this could mean – which story might they be learning about?

February 2023


The children in Reception have had lots of fun exploring indoors and outdoors making slides in the construction area, making a weighing scale, building castles, drawing shapes, reading and painting. We also had a visit from a rabbit who gave us a hopping surprise!

February 2023




Reception pupils have had a busy week so far teaching phonics to a class of pet animals, working out how much to pay for some chocolate (pretend props of course), saving a disaster in the construction area by rebuilding roads & creating animals as seen by Handa!

February 2023




This week in Reception we were shocked to see our toys frozen in the water area. the children had to then explore different ways of trying to free them without damaging anything. We also learnt about the year of the Rabbit and made a huge dragon to celebrate Chinese New Year.

January 2023



Children in Reception have been learning to make playdough. They have enjoyed mixing the ingredients and mixing the dough. Lots of maths opportunities as well as science!

Nell Bank Trip - January 2023

Reception children visited Nell Bank where they enjoyed learning about Pete the badger who showed them how to tidy up the environment by recycling. They all had lots of fun digging for minibeasts and creating a home out of sticks and leaves for the badgers to live in.



Reception children took part in an amazing launch for Little Steps where they learnt about the importance and impact of walking more. They also met the Living Streets mascot Strider and had lots of fun with him.

“Strider said you have to walk and I talk to mummy when I walk” Rida.

“Walking is important for the planet and you should ride a bike for your brains and lungs” Eisa Qaiser.

“We did lots of stomping and we learnt that walking is important for the planet.” Aila


January 2023

Reception children have felt the festivities this week as they decorated their class Christmas tree — December 2022

We have had such a busy week in Reception this week! To start off the week, we practiced some ball dribbling skills outside ahead of the big match. We have worked really hard with our maths and this week have been focusing on the number 7, we used a part part whole model to find different ways of making 7. We have finally loved making our own magical potions. We have tried really hard to use our phonics sounds to write a list of all the wonderful and disgusting ingredients we have used. — November 2022

Here are some fab photos of how quickly we have settled into school! — September 2022

Black History Month

We have been learning all about Muhammad Ali

Autumn Learning

Children in EYFS found a random pumpkin in their playground. Where could this have come from? What could it mean? Which story could this link to? 

Here is a video of one of our students in EY Cardiff retelling the story of The Gruffalo. We are super proud of him. Hope you all enjoy!

Zoolab Experience

Early Years had an amazing time learning about the creepy-crawlies. We were very excited to touch and hold the animals. Early Years have a question for everybody. Would you be brave enough to touch them all?

Linking Schools

As part of our linking school project. Early Years Cardiff invited Denholme Primary School to come and explore our indoor and outdoor provision. We had a great time getting to know each other.

Snow Day

Snow day makes learning even more fun! Early Years worked together to build a snowman. They enjoyed making snow art and experimenting with powder paints.

Core Story

Early Years followed a trail of beans which led them to a beanstalk.  Do you know which story we will be learning this half term?

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Early Years worked together to make a pyramid. They could only move the cups using the elastic band and string. This was a great teamwork challenge.

Travelling back in time to the Victorian Era

Early Years went back in time to a Victorian classroom. The children were able to talk about the similarities and differences to the classroom and teaching.

Queen's Jubilee Celebration

This week Early Years have been learning about the Queen’s Jubilee. We had lots of fun taking part in different activities.

Maths Games

We love to play maths games. Early years have spent the week playing different maths games.
We enjoyed playing games such as snap, hopscotch and skittles.
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