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Our Aims

Working together with our community to raise the aspirations and achievement of all pupils, we will build the skills for successful citizenship.

To do this we aim to:

  • foster a climate of mutual respect where all people are listened to and valued.
  • work as a team to create a positive environment in which all members of the school community are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential.
  • be a school where everyone takes responsibility for their own actions and is committed to the development of the school.
  • develop self-esteem for all children and staff through celebrating our success and the achievement of personal goals.
  • develop a rich learning environment
  • create a friendly, caring and safe environment which is stimulating and secure and caters for all people’s needs.

We will do this by developing high standards through our professionalism, common expectations and community spirit; support learning for all, including by continuing to train and develop our own practice; work to support community cohesion.


My journey of becoming a teacher began at Lapage and has been extremely positive in many ways for example, my mentor and host teacher have given me immense support in regards to creating a positive learning environment for children but have also given me helpful advice when I have felt overwhelmed and needed someone to talk to. Similarly, all staff have been extremely welcoming throughout the duration of my placement and have played a huge part to help me develop as a teacher. Overall, I am so grateful for the memories that I have created and I am now extremely excited to have been given the opportunity to teach my own class at Lapage in September!

Safah Khalid (Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT)

June 2023



I began my time at Lapage as a student teacher on my second placement and from the first day the staff and students welcomed me with open arms. I quickly learnt that this was the school that I wanted to begin my teaching career at, and I am excited to continue my Lapage journey in September!

Suheyl Ali

Bradford College (June 2023) 


My teaching placement at Lapage was an amazing experience. It provided me with a range of outstanding opportunities. I gained a lot of experience and really felt part of the team. The reception team are outstanding, the support, advice and feedback they provided me with was such a help, they were so welcoming. Throughout the whole school the learning environment was welcoming, inclusive and understanding. Throughout it was evident that the children are at the centre of everything they do, continuously looking for ways to better their practice in order to support each and every child. My experience with Lapage was brilliant!

Darcey Briggs (Leeds Beckett)

May 2023



Having worked at Lapage for the duration of 6 weeks I have found my experience to be very eventful and meaningful. During my placement I have always felt comfortable around all staff and children not only in the department of EYFS. The encouragement and positive feedbacks from the adults around me made the working environment pleasing and home like for me. Teaching is very demanding and like any other career it can be very overwhelming but with Lapage I feel as though all procedures are followed in a professional manner and I have always wanted to come in to school and teach rather than it being a chore or something that I have to do. I want to thank all staff and children who make Lapage the school it is today, and I am sure that your combined support will always continue this progress further. Thank you.

Umamah- Student trainee teacher

Leeds Beckett University

May 2023 


I was able to have my first placement at Lapage Primary School which I thoroughly enjoyed. Dee Bhambra, who was my mentor was very helpful and always was giving me clear guidance on how to be the best teacher. The staff at this school are very helpful and kind in guiding you during your teacher training and making sure that you are okay with everything every step of the way. I would highly recommend doing your placement at Lapage Primary School as I have learnt a lot from my mentor and class teacher as the staff are very experienced in their field.

Ayesha Zubair (Huddersfield University)

April 2023



Both Dee and my class teacher Mrs Gill were great at supporting me and ensuring I could be the best teacher I can be! Constantly giving me areas to do and reasonable targets to improve and work on. I felt very welcome in the school and I have very much enjoyed my time at Lapage Primary School.

Jamie Soper

PGCE trainee

Leeds Trinity University

My time at Lapage has been my best placement yet for so many reasons! I feel as though the support given by my mentor and class teacher was amazing, they went above and beyond, this helped massively with my confidence as a training teacher and I have gained so much from them both (Mrs Johnson and Miss Bhambra). Staff members across the school were also very friendly and welcoming from the offset and this made me feel involved and part of the school community. The children, not only in the class I was placed in but across school, were polite, welcoming and never failed to make me laugh, they all played a huge part in my experience. I have gained so much from my placement at Lapage and I am thankful for the memories and experiences that I will take with me as my teaching journey continues.

Jade McNally

Phase 2 Leeds Beckett

March 2023

My stage 2 experience at Lapage Primary School has been highly positive. From the start of my placement, everyone was so friendly, and I immediately felt a warm welcome into the class. As a result of various teaching opportunities, I feel I have achieved both personal and professional growth. My mentor, link tutor and class teacher have been fantastic support throughout, guiding me on the right path to take my next steps in becoming a primary school teacher. It was always ensured that my observations were well organised and the feedback I received inspired me to reflect and improve my performance as a learner. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with such an inspiring class!
Heidi Pope
PGCE student at Leeds Trinity University; Stage 2 PGCE

I had my final placement here at Lapage Primary school and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The first day I got here I was very nervous, but every single member of staff I came across was welcoming and supportive. I have had several members of staff offering to help me throughout my entire placement and for that, I am so grateful. My mentor has been incredible, she has gone above and beyond to support me, and her constructive and precise feedback has helped me to grow immensely. I will take her advice with me on my teaching journey. It has been a pleasure to train here, thank you for everything.

Holly Hutchinson (Leeds Beckett)

December 2022

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Lapage Primary school. I have gained so much valuable experience and has helped me grow both as a teacher and an individual.  The support I have received from Miss Bhambra has been vital in ensuring I succeed in my placement. She has provided me with constructive feedback that has allowed me to grow in confidence and ensure that i always meet my targets. All teachers within the school have made me feel so welcome and gone above and beyond to support me with anything I have needed. I would recommend this school to anyone who would like to gain the best experience when training to be a teacher. I would like to thank the whole school community for supporting me through my journey.

Daniel Brady (Leeds Beckett) 

December 2022

The highlight of my teaching experience so far has been working at Lapage Primary School in a Year 1 class for my final placement. The support system I had was amazing. This allowed me to develop my confidence to the point where I was able to present myself as the class teacher, who was not only in control of the learning environment when teaching, but also those lessons that had not been required to teach as part of my placement. I had a very strong mentor – Miss Bhambra – and a very strong class teacher – Mrs Bains – who went above and beyond to support me throughout my placement. They made me feel really comfortable and allowed me to express my personality whereas in other placements, I felt quite hesitant in doing so. Through constant constructive feedback and guidance, I was able to learn and grow at a rate I would have never expected. The school is very organised, resources are always available when needed, and the nature of all staff is that they are very kind, approachable and do not make you feel like you are on your own. I have had experiences in other schools as part of my degree and in my humble opinion, I believe every single trainee teacher that has been a part of this school has the same gratitude as I do, and I believe those in the future will too.
Mehreen Rashid
Primary Education 5-11; Leeds Beckett University; Final Placement

I started my journey as a trainee at Lapage Primary School and have now been working here for 4 years. During this time, I have developed and grown as teacher. My mentor was excellent; she goes above and beyond to ensure that her trainees are well-equipped for when you start to teach in class. She never hesitates to give additional feedback to her trainees and treats us all equally. Her enthusiasm for teaching has rubbed off on me and I hope to develop through my career just like her. I love working at Lapage Primary School and have gained valuable skills from my time here; I would recommend training with the school to anyone who has the opportunity. I would like to thank the school for always supporting me through my journey.
Tanya Devi
Year 1 Class Teacher

I started my journey at Lapage as a trainee teacher back in early 2018. When I first walked in the building I was terrified! Purely because of the size of the building for a primary school. My fears and anxieties were soon settled by all the friendly faces I was met with. Everybody I passed in the corridors smiled and said good morning and I instantly felt welcomed by all. I spent my first placement getting to know the building, the staff and the children. By the end of my placement I knew this was the school for me. I asked to come back the year after to complete my teacher training at Lapage, so I then returned in 2019 for my final placement. Coming to the end of my final placement was bitter sweet for me, as I had loved my time at Lapage and was now a qualified teacher, but I really didn’t want to leave! Luckily for me, a vacancy came up and I instantly applied. There was no doubt in my mind that this was the school I wanted to work in, I had no interest in applying elsewhere. Throughout all of my placements and my NQT year I was supported fully by not only my mentor, but the whole school. I am now coming to the end of my third year of teaching at Lapage and I still love coming to work each day just the same. There is a real supportive atmosphere between staff and I know I can still go to anybody when I need advice. I hope that my journey at Lapage will continue for a very long time and my career will progress from here.
Jade Johnson
Year 2 Class Teacher

I started Lapage Primary School and Nursery as a trainee student in the midst of a pandemic. The school welcomed me with open arms and the staff were so welcoming and helped me with everything. My training year was filled with so much laughter and amazing memories which I will keep with me forever. Whilst I was a student I worked alongside so many experienced teachers, Miss Bhambra and Mrs Bano, who moulded me in to the teacher I am today. I had the opportunity to work closely with them and was able to pick up their teaching style and then put my own twist on it. My training year was full of so many amazing moments and now as an ECT I am so grateful for all the opportunities I was given as a student. The support I have been given during my first year of teaching has been amazing, and I also have an amazing team who is always there for me whenever I need something clarifying. The coaching that I am getting with Miss Bhambra has helped immensely and I can see the progression when it comes to the children’s learning and development. My journey so far at Lapage has been amazing; I am having a lot of fun and I can’t wait to continue my journey as a teacher.
Sophia Islam
EYFS Class Teacher

Having my placement at Lapage was honestly amazing and I couldn’t thank everyone involved in my placement more. The support I got from the team was amazing and I have learnt so much, and to top it all off the children are so lovely and I am so happy to have had the chance to be in the classroom and teach them. It has been an absolute pleasure and couldn’t have been more perfect.

Jessica McHattie
Leeds Trinity University; First Year Student
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