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Student Leadership

School Councillors

At Lapage Primary school we have a group of elected pupils who act as representatives of their classmates. This is a brilliant way in which children’s voices are heard within the running of the school. Their contributions help to improve issues and to support the children’s learning and development. School councillors meet once each half term to discuss and sort out problems that have arisen. These could include school lunches or fundraising events. This year our focus is ensuring that our school is environmentally friendly.

‘School council helps to sort out problems that my classmates have. We have a worry box and then we decide on a solution.’ — Danyaal, 4H

‘ I enjoy my role as a School Councillor because I can help make a difference in my school.’ — Salwa, 4H


Prefects have been a part of the tradition at Lapage for decades and we still feel the role provides our pupils with an opportunity to develop their wider skills beyond the merely academic. Prefects are expected to demonstrate the highest academic and behavioural standards for others to aspire to and have the chance to be a force for positive change in the school.
Prefects works closely with the Year 6 staff and SLT to guide and develop their work.

Mental Health Champions

We have trained our pupils across Key Stage 2 as Mental Health Champions as we believe that teaching children and young people how to stay mentally healthy and giving them the skills and tools to be more resilient is essential. Our pupils are trained to explore their own mental health as well as supporting their peers. This workshop delivered by One Goal has empowered our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be  a resilient and empathetic team.

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