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Bradford Smile Study is at our school over the next few months. Children already taking part in the Born in Bradford study will have an information pack in their school bag. A video (in English and Urdu) explains what the study involves or

اگلے چند مہینوں میں ہمارے اسکول میں بریڈ فورڈ مسکراہٹ کا مطالعہ ہے۔ برنفورڈ مطالعے میں پہلے سے ہی پیدا ہونے والے بچوں کے پاس اسکول کے بیگ میں انفارمیشن پیک ہوگا۔ اگر آپ چاہتے ہیں کہ آپ کے بچے حصہ لیں تو براہ کرم 13 دسمبر 2018 کو جمعہ کو XXX کو پڑھیں اور واپس لو۔ ایک ویڈیو (انگریزی اور اردو میں) کی وضاحت کرتی ہے کہ اس مطالعے میں یا کیا شامل ہے
Please find below further information about the study:

What is the Bradford Smile Study?

The Bradford Smile Study is a study that aims at finding out why some children will need braces and others do not. The study will collect dental information from children while at primary school (age 8-12 years old) and then again at secondary school (13-15 years old). 

Who is doing this study?

The University of Leeds is working with Born in Bradford (BiB) to undertake this study. The study is funded by the British Orthodontic Society.

Will all children attending your primary school be asked to take part in the study?

No, only children already taking part in the BiB study can participate in the Bradford Smile Study. For your school we have looked up how many children are eligible. We are simply looking to recruit children from Years 4, 5, and 6.

When are we conducting the study?

We conducted a pilot study in July 2019. For this academic year (2019/20), we have already started 3rd week of September and we will continue collecting information until July 2020. 

What will the study include, please see our video?

The study includes the following:

  • A questionnaire to be filled in by the child (the questionnaire has been validated to be filled in by children aged 8 years and above, younger children may need help, our research team will provide this support).
  • A quick dental examination with a dental mirror
  • Photographs of mouth and face
  • Dental “putty mould”

Only children where their parents have consented to take part in the study will be included. We will follow BiB data protocols to ensure all information collected is kept confidential and safely transported back to the BiB offices at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

How will we recruit children to take part?

We have already identified eligible BiB children attending your school. The study has ethical approval and the parent information sheet outlines how we will recruit and consent each child.

  1. Because we found it more effective to send the letters via school, our team will drop off the letters and a list of BiB children at your school. Our team will also collect the letters from the school.
  2. Parents have the right to withdraw their child at any point.
  3. Children have the right to withdraw from part or all of the dental assessment.

What will be the impact on your school?

We aim to have minimal impact on your school. Three or four members of the research team will support dental data collection and our aim is to be self-sufficient. All staff members are DBS checked and we will provide these certificates before we arrive. Depending on the number of children recruited from your school, we imagine it will take 5 or 6 days for data collection.

How many children will be examined each day and how long will it take to examine each child?

Each day, 8-12 children can be examined. The time required for filling in the questionnaire and collecting dental data is around 30 minutes. To maximise the number of children seen on the day and to minimise disruption to your school’s schedule, we can see one child every 20 minutes. 

Where will the study take place?

The dental data collection will take place at your school. Please could we use one of your rooms. Ideally we would like a room with a good light source, a chair, a table, and preferably a sink. A research team member will take children from and back to their class if that’s ok. A member of the school staff is welcome to help us if you would like.

Are there any other requirements that you need?

We may also need a bin for general waste and an electric plug socket.

Will there be any waste and how will it be handled?

The research team will take care of medical waste handling and disposal. Medical waste will be collected in special bags and transported off site. General waste will be collected in bins provided by the school.

What are the possible benefits for each child who takes part in the study?

Each child will be given a toothbrush, a piece of fruit, and a smiley sticker as a way of thanking them. The study will help us to understand why some children need braces and others do not.

If we find that the child has tooth decay, we will send a letter to their parents encouraging them to take their child to their dentist.

What are the possible benefits for each school who takes part in the study?

We will work with each school to identify how we can support wider oral health based activities. If possible we will support these activities or signpost your school to organisations and groups that can.

How can schools take part?

Schools can take part if they give consent to participate in the Bradford Smile Study by signing the schools consent form (please see attached). Headteachers have the right to withdraw their consent at any time.

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