Multi-Sensory Impairment


See HI and VI guidance

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See HI and VI guidance

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Assessment and planning

  • Part of school and class assessments
  • Visual and hearing assessments
  • Functional sensory assessment
  • As appropriate to needs; ongoing assessment of communication, cognition, mobility, social and emotional development


  • Curriculum plan closely tracks levels of achievement
  • IEP targets are individual, short term and specific
  • IEP targets jointly formulated and monitored with QTMSI

Grouping for teaching

Daily opportunities for small group work and individual support to ensure access to new experiences and afford opportunities to complete work, preview and review lessons

Curriculum & Teaching Methods

  • Significant modification to learning materials and curriculum delivery
  • Individual mobility and independence/life skills programmes

Human Resource and Staffing

  • Daily access to individual support, trained to meet the needs of pupils with MSI
  • Frequent visits from QTMSI
  • Input from mobility/rehabilitation¬† officer
  • Input from other educational and non-educational professionals as appropriate

Need for balanced approach to support and intervention to facilitate social inclusion